With her radiant smile she captivates everyone who sees her

Lyuba is 52 years old. She is a very energetic, happy person, who in the presence of a caring and loving atmosphere captivates everyone with her radiant smile.

Hanusya: This is how the workshop helped me to grow and mature!

Hanusya is one of the core members in the Znesinnia workshop. For many years now she has blessed us with her sincerity, goodness, diligence and patience. By her presence she brings to her fellow workshop members a sense of calm, peace, happiness and sincere smiles. We often refer to her as a “Peacemaker”. Whenever conflicts arise, Hanusya knows how to turn anger and insults into love and goodness. Hanusya’s favorite pastime at the workshop is candle making.

Feel and fall in love!

Tanya Materenchuk (assistant of L'Arche-Kovcheh community)

Many life stories have been written already – stories about choice, loss, foundation, incipience. But everyone has his own story. Many people, many stories. Sometimes very sad ones, sometimes with laugh until one cries, but so much deep and united. There is always something what we have already heard or maybe seen, what unites us all, but there is always something that only speaks to our heart. And this very meeting with a person with disabilities was unique for everyone.