Prayer Majdan

Every Wednesday our community takes part in ecumenical Prayer Maidan that occurs at the center of our city. Friends and assistants of our community conduct a common prayer for the citizens praying for the victims and those who gave their lives for Ukraine , for their families, for the people who stood and stand on Maidan and fight for dignity and freedom for our nation, for priests and doctors who provided helpin difficult times, for the entire Ukrainian nation , for the future of our country and in particular the forthcoming elections. In addition, during workshops and at the office during daily prayers friends and assistants pray for Ukraine and her future.

In this difficult time for Ukraine, many L'Arche communities from different countries and individuals express to us words of encouragement and pray with us. We are grateful for support to all our friends in different countries and feel a part of a larger community of people who live in truth, dignity and love.

As Bishop Venedykt said, “We all prayed, and witnessed a miracle on Maidan. Let us continue praying, and God will give us new miracle in Crimea and Ukraine”.