Larche: 5 years

In November 2013 our community celebrated its 5 years anniversary. In November, 7th, all the community gathered for Bishop liturgy in the Church of All Saints of Ukrainian nation that was held by bishop Venedykt. The celebration continued in Hnat Hotkevych city palace of culture in November, 8th, where friends, partners, founders and all the people who support community all these years gathered altogether.

On the occasion of the 5thanniversary the founder of L'Arche in the world Jean Vanier congratulated L'Arche community (video: He wished further growth and deepening in our relationships, and to live to the fullest what we are experiencing in the community. Our joy was shared by the founder of the Lviv community Zenia Kushpeta and the first head Lukiia Murashko.

We were greeted by representatives of the authorities of Lviv - wife of Mayor Kateryna Sadova (old friend of community) and Nataliia Fedorovych (chief of Department of social security).

We were thankful for the gift of life of our community and shared these gifts.

Our community is like a ship that originally stood in the safe harbor: the team was forming, preparatory work was being performed, and now it got the offing. It is very interesting but at the same time dangerous there, that is why our unity, support and ability to rejoice the gift of everyone is so important. Happy sailing, our dear community!