«East and West together!»

In February, 28th our workshops heartily welcomed youth from Eastern Ukraine (Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast). Their 5 days visit to Lviv was initiated by “Lviv Education Foundation” within the program of cultural exchange “East-West”. Support of unity of eastern and western Ukrainians is crucially important in this difficult time in Ukraine. The aim of the program was introduction and experience exchange of youth from eastern and western parts of Ukraine. (to learn more please follow: http://lef.org.ua/event/vizyt-do-l-vova-studentiv-zi-shidnoyi-ukrayiny-s...).

Youth from East visited public organizations and small businesses of Lviv, Catholic university, had a walk around the city). L’Arche-Kovcheh was one of the organizations that accommodated guests. During the visit 30 young people took active part in 4 workshops with friends and assistants of L’Arche.

A very touchy moment happened during the final poll where on the question “What did you like most about your visit to Lviv?” most people answered “Visit to L’Arche community”. Some people mentioned that visit to L’Arche renewed their belief in God and awakened humaneness because they experienced God here. Others noted that they have changed their attitude to people with disabilities completely, and that they would like to see such communities at East.

A gift to open hearts and connect people despite all the differences of people with disabilities always amazes.

We are glad that with such a small initiative we could invest into peacemaking in Ukraine.