Be happy for to live

Pavlo came up to me and told:

-You have to rejoice.

-Why do I have to rejoice?

-To live!


At Christmas time our community was performing vertep-pantomime in the church. Natalia was a Wizard, who had to bring gifts for newborn Jesus. We prepared a symbolical gift beforehand, but when her turn to worship Jesus came, Natalia put a gum in front of him. Those who noticed it were surprised and puzzled.

Only later we clarified the reason of such action. As it turned out, Natalia likes gums a lot but parents rarely buy them. So Natalia decided to bring as a gift for Jesus something that she likes a lot herself.

God is life, and this feels GOOD!

Myron after the prayer:

- God is life, and this feels GOOD!

Strolling down the street with Andriy...

Strolling down the street with Andriy.

I am asking:

- How old are you?

- 30, and will be 31; mom tells I am 35 but I do not believe her!

Reflections on the excerpt of the Bible

Contemplating on the excerpt of the Bible.

Oleh: “Why did Jesus came to the Earth?”

Pavlo: “To become our best friend”

Ostap: “To save the Earth”

Vasyl: “To make the good to people”

Natalia: “To give us vine and bread”

Denys, who speaks very little: showed us the Bible…

Who is God for you?

We had a conversation about God at the workshop. Answering the question “Who is God for you?” Vasyl told: “I have never seen God, but I think he has no nationality. I do not know how to pray, but I come to church to talk to him”. I know that he listens to me – and I feel better. I also come to the church to be with my friends. Because being with them is a big thing”.

One day...

One day I was riding with my son Serhiy in a trolley bus. Also there was Nina with her son Volodia with us. Trolleybus was crowded. At the ordinary stop the door opened. There was a woman with a baby carriage where a baby was sleeping. The passengers were indifferently watching a young mother struggling with entering the trolley. Volodia and Serhii immediately took the baby carriage and carried into the trolley bus.

Situation at the workshop

Assistant, who cannot manage to do something: «I will be angry soon».

Roman (boy with intellectual disabilities): «Marichka, love does not invent evil!»