L`Arche-Kovcheh celebrates its 9th anniversary!

November is an important month for our community. On November 9, 2008 L`Arche-Kovcheh was officially recognized as a community and was accepted to L`arche International. Traditionally all members of the community meet this day and celebrate the birthday of Ukrainian L`Arche.
This year our celebration started in the church of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Liturgy was celebrated by fr. Taras Holota who is an assistant of the day program ‘Smile’. Our core members Bohdan Senyk, Roman Varhola, Petro Romaniv and our friend from the ‘Bees’ Dmytro Kryzanivskyy were helping him.
Then the celebration continued at Lviv High Vocational School of Restaurant Service and Tourism. We recalled the most important events from the community life that happened last year,every workshop showed a pantomime and an essential part of the celebration was to dance. A special gift for the community was letters from ex-assistants who now live in foreign L`Arche communities.
Oksana Rubai, the Deputy of Lviv City Council and member of Administrative Council, and Andriy Bomchyk, a photographer and our volunteer, shared with us the joy of celebration.
The tenth year has begun! To be continued…