Hanusya: This is how the workshop helped me to grow and mature!

Hanusya is one of the core members in the Znesinnia workshop. For many years now she has blessed us with her sincerity, goodness, diligence and patience. By her presence she brings to her fellow workshop members a sense of calm, peace, happiness and sincere smiles. We often refer to her as a “Peacemaker”. Whenever conflicts arise, Hanusya knows how to turn anger and insults into love and goodness. Hanusya’s favorite pastime at the workshop is candle making. Candle making is a complicated, long and tedious process, and she does her work carefully and with great diligence. Hanusya loves to have everything in order and everything in its place. When she first came to the workshop, Hanusya felt fearful and very unsure of herself, not knowing what to do, and afraid that someone would offend or hurt her. In time, though, she began to feel special and useful. She realized that everyone at the workshop accepted her just the way she was. Today, Hanusya cannot imagine life without the workshop. This for her is her home, her place of work, and the place where she can spend time with her friends, all of whom love her very much.