Feel and fall in love!

Many life stories have been written already – stories about choice, loss, foundation, incipience. But everyone has his own story. Many people, many stories. Sometimes very sad ones, sometimes with laugh until one cries, but so much deep and united. There is always something what we have already heard or maybe seen, what unites us all, but there is always something that only speaks to our heart. And this very meeting with a person with disabilities was unique for everyone.

Unfortunately I cannot recall the first meeting with Tania Fedak , but thankfully I will never forget her gentle smile, big cuddles and happy eyes. She is a very delicate and fragile young girl in a wheelchair who hardly speaks but knows how to give love without words. She impresses with her silence, obedience and warmth, heals with her peace. It's a shame that this great art of love is not fashionable nowadays, as it was taught to us by God himself. And an interesting thing is that he taught to love people with disabilities as much as he loved the world himself.

Tanya was born in Ukraine and grew along with her disabled brother Vasyl. Together they attend the L’Arche workshops, but each their own one. Tanya comes for the daily program "Smile ", and Vasyl comes for " Nazareth". Every day brother asks God for Tanya to move with her own legs and be healthy, parents to be happy and the weather to be good.

Perhaps it can be told o lot of how our friends change us – those who are near them, but unfortunately I feel lack for words to describe how God himself "through the eyes of those who are rejected” touches the depths of our wounded and hungry souls, how much He loves us.

With the words of the Gospel I want to invite: "Come and see". Feel and fall in love!