Our programs

L'Arche-Kovcheh includes several programs that together create the L’Arche-Kovcheh community in Ukraine.  The community unites 4 Craft workshops, a Day program and a Respite Care House. Although all programs are located in different areas of the city, we often meet together at joint celebrations, liturgies, general community events.


Our workshops give people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to become equal members of the community, realize their creativity through work, communication, friendship and prayer, and thus nurture self-esteem and honor the value of their lives.

Every day (from Monday till Friday) at our workshops people with disabilities, along with assistants, make various products: decorative candles, icons, jewelry from beads and wool, postcards, woodwork, and they also learn  basic life skills (cooking, clearning, social interaction, etc). Each workshop has its own name:


The atmosphere at the workshop "Dreamers" is extremely loving and friendly. Here, as well as at other ones, core members have an exceptional ability to create around themselves a relaxed and warm atmosphere, which attracts many volunteers and visitors to them. They are "Dreamers" because they are dreamy, funny and unique, and everybody is welcome to feel it!





Nazareth is a city where Christ spent his childhood. Nazareth was a bustling city where life was welling up full of noise as the trade route from Damascus to Egypt ran through Nazareth. Vitality and busling noise are the characteristics of this L'Arche workshop. Workshop "Nazareth" is the youngest and most energetic one. Friends and assistants work together here, they like to have active recreation time  and playing football. They learn to find the positive side in everything and show it to others. They love to welcome visitors.




"Bees" is the oldest workshop.  Our "bees" are very hard-working and not afraid to tackle new types of work, they have a lot of creative ideas. Moreover, people at this workshop love to cook, and the outcome is delicious! Just like real bees, they not only like to work, but also "to buzz". Picnics, celebrations, lunches shared with other workshops are good occasions for it.




"Ascension" (Znesinnya)

"Ascension" is the smallest community workshop. It is full of family atmosphere and there is always a good spirit and lots of communication going on. The workshop has a tradition that everyone who visits it for the first time is invited to sculpture an angel from keraplast. So, when visiting "Ascension", you will see an exhibition of angels and will have a chance to add your own one to it. 





The program is focused on social adaptation of people with profound intellectual disabilities.

The special focus of "Smile" is that, unlike other workshops, it does not make a lot of products, but pays more attention to creating deep relationships at the level of the heart. Participants of this program are not very talkative, but look and touch speak for them. Activities at "Smile" are planned more individually depending on what members like to do.






The Respite Care Community House "Bethany" is a place where persons with disabilities  and assistants  share weekdays and holidays together. It is a small L’Arche school of life where everyone has an opportunity to practice independent life, learn to cook, clean, and many other household skills. Residents of “Bethany” feel like a real family, sharing 24 hours per day together. The house is also a meeting place for the entire community, where community members come together for various celebrations, formations, meetings, etc.