Community life

L’Arche is about being with, rather than doing for.

(John Sargent, National Co-ordinator, L’Arche in the UK)


…community life is a life based on accepting others, giving yourself and recognizing the uniqueness of each person. Community life means being with each other in all the moments of life: working, recreation, living in one house, praying, celebrating etc.


Our celebrations have a special place in the life of the community. There are thematic meetings of the whole community, which are held  once a month: during Easter time we practice haivky, in winter we have a Saint Nikolas celebration, Christmas holidays we celebrate with verteps, donuts and carols.

During these gatherings we also celebrate people’s birthdays, make hand-made presents for them and prepare pantomimes, have time for dancing and fun. Those are opportunities to be together and share the joy of life.

Our community life is also nourished by summer camps  which we spend in many different beautiful places of Ukraine.