About removing barriers for people with disabilities and not only...

Lilia Durniak (coordinator of public relations) Interview: Uliana Kudla (coordinator of a Respite care house for people with intellectual disabilities)

Often in our lives because of various obstacles we cannot do what we want. A life a person with special needs contains much more these barriers. They arise from the activities and the environment in which a person is. There are different adaptation and rehabilitation programs, occupational therapy, and others aimed at eliminating these barriers through working with people with disabilities.

This is how the morning starts

Uliana Kudla (ajournalist, coordinator of a Respite care house for people with disabilities)

My friend Pavlo wakes up in the morning. Not being fully awake he immediately starts to read the Bible. From time to time he takes his eyes off the book, stops for a moment and tells out loud: “Dear God, please give us big and reach wisdom”. After that Pavlo open the door of his room and heads to the kitchen. On seeing me and many girls he smiles, comes up to every of them with a compliment: “You are very beautiful today”, “You blossom like a red rose. You have to believe in this”, “You are a goddess today”.