Recommended literature

In order to better understand yourself and gifts of people with disabilities, and to get aquainted with the philosophy and spirituality of L’Arche community, we recommend the following books:

Becoming human. Jean Vanier. – Publishing House «Svichado», Lviv, 2013.

This book is not about society hierarchy neither is it about politics. It is about society which consists of individuals. And if everyone would start opening there hearts to others, taking care of others, then the whole of society will develop and become more open. Members of this society will cooperate for the good of everyone so that every person can find their place in it.




What is essential is invisible to the eye. Fioretti. – Publishing House “Koleso”, 2012.

This book consists of short stories, main heroes of which are people with disabilities. In our society those people are often rejected or neglected. But when we take a closer look at them we can notice that what is essential and is invisible to the eye but can only be seen clearly with the heart: the natural ability to rejoice, believe, love, desire and need to share those gifts with others.  For a wide range of readers.



Adam: God's Beloved. Henry Nouwen. – Publishing House «Svichado», Lviv, 2005.

This documentary, a detailed story of how a young man Adam became the spiritual leader of the a priest. Henri Nouwen writes of Adam and of himself. Honestly and always with love to God, to people, to himself. The author compares Adam to the mission of Jesus. Such parallel may seem too daring, but, as the book shows, Nouwen had reason to have this opinion. For a wide range of readers.




An Ark for the Poor: The Story of L'Arche. Publishing House «Svichado», Lviv, 2002.

How to understand people with intellectual disabilities, how to find a path to their wounded hearts? No great knowledge is needed for this; it is enough to be a human in every sense of the word. This book of Jean Vanier will help everyone to open their heart for these people, to make a step towards them and understand the essence of their life. For a wide range of readers.



Community and Growth. Jean Vanier. Publishing House «Svichado», Lviv, 2001.

This is one of the most famous books of Jean Vanier. This is a book about human relationships, about our thirst for unity, about a community that can become a place of our healing and growth. This book is about a human heart. But this book is not only about life of "small communities". It is written also as a result of a painful feeling regarding the hatred and disunity found in the great community of mankind. It is written in a prayer for peace.



A WOUND DEEP IN MAN’S HEART. Jean Vanier. Publishing House «Svichado», Lviv, 1995.

This book refers to the wound that everyone has in his heart, a wound, which contains internal dissatisfaction, loneliness, pain and tears. This is a part of our human life, and it can be a source of hope. "Everyone feels a bit lonely, regardless of age or position in society. However, in the depths of our wounds, we can find God".